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Lasko Ceiling Fans

Lasko made ceiling fans in America, as well as imported fans, for several years. Lasko fans were sold, among other places, in Walmart and Sears, however they were relatively good quality in addition to being inexpensive. The imported models had porcelin and/or plastic motor housings, the American models were all metal. Most were three speed, some were four speed and others had infinitely variable speeds.

Lasko ceiling fans, for some reason, are more susceptible than others to getting noisy bearings. Oiling your fan can often quickly silence it, see our oiling document. Imported models had cloth pullcords that could become frayed or rip out, however a new one can easily be tied back on. Some of the American models had variable speed dials operated by a potentiometer and transistor, the transistor can become shorted and the fan will only operate on high. There is no easy repair for this.

Lasko no longer makes ceiling fans, in or out of America, they sold their ceiling fan division to Air King which imports fans. Lasko still makes household desk and window fans.

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