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Welcome to Ceiling Fan Brands - Ceiling fans including Nutone, Fasco, Key Largo

This site provides information about common brands of ceiling fans. We have repair information about common problems with specific brands of ceiling fans. This site deals with ceiling fans from all eras, past and present.

This site, in particular, lists brands of ceiling fans you may have a hard time finding elsewhere. Ranging from Nutone ceiling fans, to Key Largo ceiling fans, to Homestead ceiling fans and much more. We have created this website in the hopes that it can help those looking for these not-so-common fans that may be retired presently.

If you are looking for information about your ceiling fan, you may find it here. If you do not, please use the contact us page . We also have a number of sister websites which may have what you are looking for, if you are having trouble finding it here. One of our other ceiling fan websites has a great host of technical information and troubleshooting, including installation, how to repair wiring problems, fan wobble issues, capacitors, pullchain, blade replacement and more. You can find the link on our friends page.

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Ceiling Fan Manufacturers

We carry a number of different ceiling fan manufacturers on this website. Many of the manufacturers that we have listed here, are older vintage or retro ceiling fan brands that may be discontinued now and unavailable. We have made every attempt to list as many vintage ceiling fans as possible. However, in some cases, it's difficult for us to list the fans if we are unable to find them or they no longer exist. Feel free to request a fan from us. We'll do our best to get it added. If we can't find it, we'll send you back an e-mail letting you know that we could not find your fan. Or, if we can find it, we'll add it and send you back an e-mail saying we were able to add the fan you're after.

If you are visiting our website and you are a distributor, dropshipper, wholesale or other, feel free to drop us a line as well. We'll be more then happy to post your products to our website and sell them for either a nominal fee or on a comission based structure - whatever is easiest for you.

Ceiling fan repair and technical help

Because a number of the vintage brands we list on Ceiling Fan Brands are oudated and may no longer be available, we have also attempted to list as much repair information as possible. In many cases, the article you are reading may link to a repair article we have created to address some of the issues our site visitors have described. We may also have more links

within these repair articles to other articles as well, that expand on the knowledge we have here on our website. If there is an article you have written that you'd like to submit to us for posting, feel free to do so on our contact us page.The article must be an original one - it must not be posted anywhere else on the Internet. We will check it using our tools and if we find the article is not posted elsewhere, we will post it for you.

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