Oiling your Ceiling Fan - When to Oil, How to Oil and performing Maintenance on your Ceiling Fan

Do I need to oil my ceiling fan?

If you own a ceiling fan that was manufactured before 1970, then yes, your ceiling fan likely needs to be oiled. This will apply to some fan entusiasts who own a piece of history. There are a number of brand name fans and certain models as well that need to be oiled. The Hunter original and many fans based on it require oiling. This includes the following manufacturer and model of fan:

  • Montgomery Ward
  • Robbins & Myers
  • Leslie-Locke
  • Evergo
  • Classic Fans
  • Kenroy

    One sure way to tell if your ceiling fan requires oiling, is to look for the oil hole. Also, what construction is your ceiling fan? Ceiling fans that require oiling will be heavier and of a material like cast iron or the like. If your fan makes noises while spinning like a grinding noise, rubbing, etc. then it may require oiling. Fans that don't require oiling can still require it, depending upon the environment the fan is in. Smoking around your ceiling fan can cause it to get gummed up, or if it's in a dusty area as well.

    The oil you want to use will be a non-detergent motor oil. Oils with detergents should not be used as they cause problems with the bearings. WD40 is not an acceptable method of oiling your fan. It can work to clean the fan but should not be used for oiling. Hunter also manufactures an oil that you can use as well.

    Ceiling Fan Oiling On Sale

    Hunter 22732 Oil for Original Fans Only

    Hunter 22732 Oil for Original Fans Only
    Price : $7 USD
    Hunter 22732 oil for Hunter original fans to make your fan work more appropriately and perfectly for a long time and stop the bearings of the fan become rusted. This works for any Hunter fan and is wit product dimensions 9.5 x 3 x 0.5 inches. The product comes with a pipe cleaner with the help of which you can make the oil reach the desired parts of the fan.

    Liquid Bearings, THE BEST 100%-synthetic oil for ceiling fans, box fans, table fans, portable fans

    Liquid Bearings, THE BEST 100%-synthetic oil for ceiling fans, box fans, table fans, portable fans
    Price : $7 USD
    Oil for your ceiling fans, box fans, table fans or portable fans, you just need this to keep your fan running for a long time with out any noise and bearing keeps in a good condition for its performance. This is the perfect choice for vintage fan lubrication. It helps in making sticky fan motors free. These products most probably the best suitable choice for out door fans as they freeze due to out side dust and moisture. This oil helps you keep your fan in a free condition. Part number of the product is 608819304724.

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