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Ceiling Fan FAQ

Below we have listed as many frequently asked questions as possible as related to ceiling fans. If you are having trouble with a fan and need to repair it, or you are looking for a certain part, or have warranty questions etc. this FAQ may be of some use to you. If you have a question that is not answered on this FAQ please use the contact us page to let us know.

1> I am looking for a part for my fan but I can't find it on your website at all. What should I do?

We have a number of ceiling fan websites where you may be able to find the part. First, check all of our sites. See if you can find the part on any particular website. If you are looking for a part from a certain manufacturer, be sure to check the manufacturer related pages. For example - if you're looking for a Hunter ceiling fan part, be sure to check the Hunter related pages on all our sites.

Go through each one of the below websites and see if you can find the part you need.

Ceiling Fans 'N More

You are currently on Ceiling Fan Brands

If you still can't find the part that you're after, use our contact us page to let us know.

2> My fan has broken down. What should I do?

First, you need to isolate the problem that has occured with the fan. Do you have a
broken pullchain
? Or maybe a broken flywheel? We have FAQs on these issues that can help you to repair your ceiling fan yourself. Being able to repair or resolve the issue on your own is always better then having to pay someone else to fix the issue. In many cases, your ceiling fan may have been in your family for a long time, and you do not want to have to replace your fan. Repairing it is also much less costly a lot of the time, it just requires time on your side to look into the issue, find the root cause, and resolve it.

3> My fan wobbles, or used to wobble but now does not work properly. What should I do?

Wobbling Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan that wobbles it not an uncommon sight. It is actually one of the more likely scenarios or problems to occur with your ceiling fan. Often times, a wobbly fan will make people believe that the fan is actually not mounted properly. Or somehow, it has loosened from it's positioning in the ceiling after all these years. So homeowners wind up taking the entire fan down and check the mounting, the downrods etc. only to find that the problem is not with the mounting or the downrod at all.

Wobbly fan issues are generally related to the ceiling fan blades. Yes, it's true. The first thing you should do is take a look at your blades. Do they all appear to have the same shape? Are any of them bent out of position or alignment? If yes, first try to bend the blade back into shape. Then try to run the fan again. Did that resolve the problem? All of your blades should be the same distance from the ceiling. If you are bending the blades or other parts
be careful you do not break anything. Don't apply too much pressure.

If bending the blade back into position does not help, you will need to replace the entire blade. You can purchase replacement blades for your fan from our website, or you can visit the local retail store where you purchased the fan.
If all else fails, pick up the phone and call the manufacturer of the fan. In many cases, you will likely have to do this. Ceiling fan blade replacements
are not always easy to find, any many times when you visit the retail location you will be told they don't have any blades you can use. Opening another
fan and taking the blades from that also is not usually an option as the store will not be able to sell that particular fan after that. Not only that,
but it's also hard to find the replacement blades you need online sometimes as well.

You can send us a mail if you are having a hard time finding the blades you need, but we highly recommend to contact the manufacturer first if you
are looking for replacement blades. They are the best people to talk to on this matter.

3> I have purchased a fan recently in a store and now there is a problem with it. What should I do?

As always, your first line of defense should be the store that you purchased the fan from. We constantly receive complaints from site visitors who tell us about this problem. We even get angry e-mails from consumers sometimes, thinking we are the manufacturer! we are not the manufacturer, nor are we the retail store or outlet where you purchased your fan from.

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