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Fasco Ceiling Fans

The F.A.Smith Company, also known as FASCO, has been making fans and motors in the US since the 1930s. They made residential ceiling fans from the 1970s through the early 1990s before selling their ceiling fan division to Patton.

Fasco ceiling fans were very high quality and had a K55-type motor, made by Fasco. They had very few problems. Models with more than 4 blades used a rubber flywheel that may need to be replaced, see "flywheel replacement". Some fancier models featured a variable speed control (see "ceiling fan faq") that had some components that may short out, causing the fan to only work on high. This control was called "Vari-Low" and is not easily repaired, contact us for more details. As with all older fans, with age and use the bearings may become dry or dirty and require oiling or replacement, see "oiling" section.

Some later Fasco models were imported and used spinner motors. As with all imported fans, they are very unlikely to have problems, and replacement parts are generic. Some Fasco models are still being made by Marley Metal Engineered products. These are quality fans available at reasonable prices.

Fasco Ceiling Fans On Sale

Fasco C-Frame Vent Fan Motor

Fasco C-Frame Vent Fan Motor
Price : $25 USD
C-Frame. Skeleton Motors are found in many fan applications such as bath fans, hood fans and humidifier/dehumidifers. Rotation is determined facing the shaft. (CW-clockwise, CCW-counterclockwise). Motors have 2 - 6" wire leads. All these style motors have the exact same mounting pattern for the studs. Replaces Fasco 0648-0027, 642, 643, 645, 646, 647, A647, B647, 648S, 664, A664, 667, A667, B667 and many others.


  • Two 9/64" diameter mounting holes on each side of stator 1 7/8" on the center
  • 2 Studs each from opposite shaft end
  • Continuous Duty, Sleeve Bearings
  • Class B Insulation, 60hz.

Cross Reference: 0648-0027, 642, 643, 645, A667, 642, 643, 645, 648S, 664, A664, 667, B667, 646, 647, A647, B647,0648-0027, EB1104T L3510T 8801 8802 5KC49TN0033 C295 120025 I210 L210 V143TCFR5326 G524 648-27

CSH Electric Motor Supply Inc,
located in Owosso,
Michigan 48867
Phone 989.723.8985,
Fax 989.720.2744
Monday - Friday 8am to 5:00pm EST

1/100hp 1085RPM CCW 3.3" Diameter 115 Volts

1/100hp 1085RPM CCW 3.3" Diameter 115 Volts
Price : $57 USD
.5 amps @ 115 Volts 60hz. Shaft: 1/4" x 1" Rotation = Counter Clockwise Stud Mount - Bolt Circle - 2.85" Motor Length Less Shaft = 2 1/4" 1 Year Manufacture Warranty Cross Reference Information: Thermador (Tradewinds) 17-09-679, VQT-90, JA2M087R


Price : $175 USD
Whitfield pellet convention blower fan from Fasco is a blower fan with part number 7021-11382. Fan is with 3000 rpm, 115 VAC and 60 Htz voltage, thermally protected motor, 2 wire with AMP terminal and is backed with 1 year warranty.

1/10hp 1050RPM CW 5" Diameter 115 Volts Fasco # D144

1/10hp 1050RPM CW 5" Diameter 115 Volts Fasco # D144
Price : $92 USD
Fasco 5 inches diameter 115 volts 1/10hp shaded pole motor is with open air ventilator and is used for exhaust fan or roof top ventilator fan. Part number of the product is D144 and uses 3.6 amps @ 115 Volts 60hz electricity. This is a belly band or stud mount with bolt circle 4.62 inches. one year manufacturer warranty is provided with the product.

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